SX Rookie: Phoenix 2012

As the second round of Monster Energy Supercross Series had rolled in and out Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ I’m sitting in front of my laptop and thinking about the race. Pardon my vocabulary, but in my opinion the race was fawk’n AWESOME! I’m still having some problems identificating the riders, so watching the races is sort of chaotic at some time. Well, I’m recognising some numbers, like Villopoto’s 1, Dungey 5, Stewart 7, Reed 22, Hansen 100, Tedesco 9 and Blose 47 , but in Lites zero.

I have watched only two races so far, but the most amazing part of the race is its beginning. I mean, have you seen that start? How all the riders burst into the first corner pushing, nudging to get the better position, but looking after the other at the same time? Ah, I simply love that moment of the race. I surely don’t want to get anybody hurt, but a little push or nudge only makes the game better.


Ryan Dungey grabbed the holeshot and led every lap till he crossed the finish line giving the Austrian KTM marquee its first-ever win in the premier division. Jake Weimer fought his first career podium finishing second.

The first man of A1, Ryan Villopoto, had a crash in the first lap. Well, me having some experiences watching F1 I considered him finishing on the podium impossible. But I have realized I shouldn’t compare F1 to SX. Never. Villopoto was like on fire, fighting his way up to the third place! That’s absurd. I must admit, this 23 years old Californian have made a huge impression on me. I may even be rooting for him silently in the next race at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA this Saturday.


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