X-Fighters Istanbul cancelled due to wind

© B. Gardi – redbullxfighters.com

Well, Mother Nature can mess up a nicely planned evening. Two of them, actually.
The Red Bull X-Fighters journey had not started very positively. Firstly, they have to change the location. After 3-days hard work the track builders finally finished the course but then the coastal wind was restaining the action.
Friday’s qualification had to be postponed till Saturday morning and then cancelled. So, the results from Glen Helen were used to make a list who will go straight to the Round 2 and who will go head to head in Round 1.

© B. Gardi – redbullxfighters.com

However, the wind was the issue whole Saturday. Every FMX fan on ther world was praying for the wind to stop, but unfortunately, the event was cancelled.
Of course, the safety of the riders if the number one priority. Nobody wants them to get hurt, but still it was a bummer. If the event was hold in the Yedikule Dungeons, I’m sure the wind wouldn’t be a problem. I highly doubt that Red Bull X-Fighters will go back to Turkey soon, especially with such experiences…

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