Sony Xperia Freestyle X Night

There’s only a month left till the capital city of Slovakia will host one of FMX events in the central Europe. Ondreja Nepela’s ice hockey rink will change into freestyle motocross playground for the second time of its existence.

Sony Xperia Freestyle X Night is what keeps me alive. I’m counting the days to see the crazy Edgar Torronteras doing his thing. E.T. is the first European dude who has started to do freestyle. He’s actually one of my favorite EU riders.  Even Daice Suzuki has decided to show what kind of progress he has made since 4 June 2011. It’s a tradition to invite the riders from neighbor countries. Last year Libor Podmol  and Branislav Nikš ( the only official Slovak rider) were injured, so they took the judge seat. But this time no judging. They both will rock the show with their unbelievable skills.

Since the whole event is a big competition for 20.000 euros, I’m sure the rider list will grow as the event gets closer. I’m hoping to see Remi Bizouard on the list. Also couple US riders would be pretty awesome too. But let’s wait and see.
So, if you are in Slovakia or  anywhere near to Bratislava on November 3, make sure to come and enjoy a FMX madness in this small central European country. I’m sure you will not regret it. For more infos and fresh updates visit

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