Updates on André Villa and Blake Williams

André Villa and Blake Williams a.k.a. Bilko are both loved by the audience. André is known by his Norwegian rigour and Bilko is the goofy one. There have been published updates on these guys recently, so I am bringing you a short recap of them.

André Villa

© andrevilla.com

I’m sure the start of his season at Red Bull X-Fighters didn’t go as he planned. Since his horrible crash last year the event in Dubai was his first event to ride. Well, every season beginning brings some rule modifications. Thank to those changes, Andre was eliminated right in the quarterfinals in Dubai. He looked very good and confident on the bike, almost like the old Villa before crash. As he writes in his update, his physical situation, his back strength has never been the same. Still, rules are rules…

Then a month later, the event moved to its second stop. André had a small crash while he cut his finger pretty badly and was forced to sit out the event. Now, he’s back in Spain continuing his rehabilitation to get his alignment back. As he writes, the problem is that his spine is not centered in his pelvis.

© redbullxfighters.com

André decided not to go to Turkey for the third Red Bull X-Fighters stop, in order to get his strength better for the upcoming X Games and the rest of the X-Fighters season.

To read the whole update entry please visit his official site http://andrevilla.com

Blake “Bilko” Williams

© A. Schaad – redbullxfighters.com

The crazy Australian haven’t started the X-Fighters season well enough either. He bruised his ankle in Dubai and missed Glen Helen, because he’d been touring with the Nitro Circus Live inn Australia. The constant riding didn’t make any good for his ankle, not letting to heal normally. He also crashed at Melbourne and hit his head. Without any proper practice or rest, he’s now heading to Istanbul to do what he can. He’s also getting ready for the X Games.

Well, this is really just a small excerpt from a brilliant interview, which you can find HERE. 


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