SX Rookie: Anaheim 1 2012

If you ever stopped on my blog, you know I’m pretty much into the Freestyle Motocross, Formula 1 and everything that is connected  to them. This time, I have decided to follow the whole AMA Supercross 2012 season too. I followed the previous season just a little. To be honest, I didn’t pay a lot attention to it. I know who won the title last year (well, if I forget it, there’s still google 😉 ). And as I’m a little new in Suprecross, I am starting a new Wednesday column: SX Rookie! to share with you my views and my learning process in Supercross.


Anaheim 1 2012 was the first race I have ever seen. Well, it was just the main race, but I must tell you it was purely amazing! Ryan Villopoto was unreachable for the other guys since the start. He seemed to be like Sebastian Vettel in Formula 1. Chad Reed‘s second place was looking pretty smooth, until he “crashed” in one turn, so the couple Ryan Dungey and James Stewart cought up with him. That battle for the third place was perfect! Stewart was looking pretty good on the bike. When he crashed, I felt sorry for him. I’m sure he would have finished on the podium. All in all, I don’t have a favorite rider or team yet, so I’m pretty much happy with the final results – 1st Villopoto, 2nd Reed and 3rd Dungey.


There’s also a something like a race of Lites, which I’m not quite sure I know what’s going on there… I know Josh Hansen was racing the Lites last year and now he’s racing the normal series. Why? I have no idea! I guess, I’ll have to look after this Lites thing a little bit. So, the podium of this race was – 1st Seely, 2nd Rattray and 3rd Tomac.

This Saturday the AMA Supercross is heading to Phoenix for the second race of the season. Frankly, I cannot wait!


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