Announces of the Presentations of the New Cars

Only 63 days are left till the first Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain. That means testing of the new cars will begin soon. Force India has announced they will show the new car only during the second tests. They’ll use the old car between 1st and 3rd February. Virgin Racing has chosen a similar tactic.

Slowly other teams are announcing the dates of the new cars presentations too. Red Bull, McLaren, Lotus and Toro Rosso have announced that we will see their new cars during the first round of testing on 1st February in Valencia. The presentation of the new Ferrari will be in the last week of January.

Lotus Renault will introduce the black and gold combination on the show of Autosport in Great Britain next week on the old car. We’ll see the ultimate appearance of the new car on 31st January. Sauber has also planned the presentation of the new car on that day.

To be honest, I cannot wait how the new cars will look like. The last season I loved the looks of Red Bull and Virgin Racing cars. However, the Virgins weren’t any good. The appearance of the car doesn’t affect its power, but sometimes it’s good to have a nice look 😉

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2 thoughts on “Announces of the Presentations of the New Cars

  1. Let’s see.

    I think McLaren said they would launch the MP4-26 in Berlin, on February 4. They’ll use a interim car for the firsts tests.

    I loved the Red Bull and Renault 2010 cars.
    Ferrari’s cars are beautiful, but they’re not very original, I mean they’re the Ferrari style: Red.

    McLaren and his silver-chromed car are also incredible. I’ve seen all the cars on track and it is one of the most beautifuls of the grid.

    I wonder if Hispania’s car will be similar to the 2010 one, because it was quite awful…

    • oh, yeah that’s maybe true, but according to my source it said what is in the article. but thanks for the info 🙂
      haha, you are extremely right about Hispania’s car!

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