Buemi replaced his mechanic, Narain Karthikeyan’s comeback

The world around you doesn’t stop even when you are way too busy with your studies for your upcoming exams. This is why I missed some great topics from F1 world.

Firstly, Sebastian Buemi replaced his chief mechanic and also his physiotherapist. He said that the older one didn’t support him as much as he needed. The lack of support may be one of the reasons his results weren’t as good as they used to be. However, he also admits he made some mistakes too and disappointed the team. The next year Buemi wants to achieve substantial improvements. He also is aware, that if his results won’t improve he may be replaced by Daniel Ricciardo during the season.

Indian driver Narain Karthikeyan is coming back to Formula 1. He’ll be one of the drivers for HRT. The Spanish team has confirmed this information only today, but Narain was the first one, who has told the world via Twitter he has signed a deal with Hispania Racing Team for the upcoming season. Karthikeyan was racing for team Jordan back in 2005 and then he was a test pilot for Williams. Since 2009 he collaborated with Colin Kolles, the boss of HRT. Together they worked in the Romanian Audi team, which participated in Le Mans series and 24 Hours. Obviously, Narain is happy with his comeback. I’m sure, the addition of the Grand Prix of India to the calendar helped Narain to get a seat. Actually, I’m just wondering how much money has he brought to the team…

However, Bruno Senna will not be Narain’s teammate.

„I can certainly tell you that Bruno Senna will no longer race for HRT. “ – said Colin Kolles in an interview with Reuters.

Bruno Senna spent one season in F1. The nephew of the famous Ayrton Senna hasn’t convinced us about his talent and according to some information he also hasn’t got sufficiently strong sponsors. The second seat in Hispania Racing Team is still empty and it’s unknown who will be Narain’s teammate.

„There are several pilots with whom we are in talks, “Kolles added.

Well, Karun Chandhok will not be racing for HRT either. I don’t think there are enough sponsors for two Indian drivers in the whole series. Karun is trying to get a seat in a more successful team than Hispania Racing is. He is aware his chances to get a racing seat are low now. However, he looks for a middle- or long-termed position. We’ll may see him in colors of Lotus as a test pilot.

Those pilots who are in talks with Hispania Racing Team should be Tonio Liuzzi, Christian Klien and Sakon Yamamoto.


4 thoughts on “Buemi replaced his mechanic, Narain Karthikeyan’s comeback

  1. Hey!

    Well, Sebastién Buemi’s situation is not a comfortable one.
    Alguersuari is faster than him. Last year, the Qualifying Battle results were Buemi 10 – Alguersuari 0 in the middle of the season, but then the Spaniard took it to 10-8.

    I think Alguersuari is actually the first pilot of the Italian Team, and Ricciardo is talented so maybe we could see some changes in Toro Rosso this year.

    I think HRT should hire Christian Klien, but they’re looking for money. Anyway, I hope Karun Chandhok gets a job in a F1 Team. I think he’s a charismatic guy, and a fast driver. Honestly, I’d prefer to see him in the Hispania instead of Narain.

    See you!

    pd. Thanks for subscribing to my blog 🙂

    • Yes, and this situation in Toro Rosso makes it actractive. I like Jaime, I can see he is really passionate about driving, as well as Buemi. Honestly, I cannot wait till the season begin!
      It would be great, if Klien got a place in HRT, but as you said money os the answer. I am not sure if Klien has that good sponsors. But my fingers are crossed!

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