Rider List is complete – the fun may begin

Only three days are left for the launch of madness in Bratislava, Slovakia. Organizators  of Sony Xperia Freestyle X-Night has revealed the last three missing names on the list. I must say, this is the strongest list in the history of FMX events in Slovakia!

Hannes Ackermann is going to represent the German party of FMX this Saturday at the winter stadium of Ondreja Nepela. Hannes is only 22 years old and already a steady member of the German Night of the Jumps stops.
The Czech party is is the strongest as always. František Máca comes back to the arena, to show what he is really capable of. He wasn’t very pleased with his last run in 2011, so I hope it’ll all go well this time. The last name on the list is nobody else than Martin Koreň. I’m sure you all know this man. He is one of the major infuences of the FMX scene in Czech republic and a marketing chief of FMX4EVER. He has really done a great amount of stuff for this sport not only for Czechs.
I hope you all have your tickets ready, because the battle for 20.000 euros will come down on Saturday! For more info go to www.fmx.sk

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