Jackson Strong wins Moto X Best Trick (updated)

OH MY GOD!!! I can’t find the right words how to describe what I have just seen. I’m speechless.

I’m bummed for Mark Monea. I was hoping he will land the Carry on, but unfortunately he didn’t. Bruce Cook didn’t landed the Rock Solid backflip either and as I read Kyle Loza wasn’t successful with his Bike flip. Later today Kyle let the world know about his injuries via Twitter: “I ended up with tons of soft tissue damage and torn ligaments in both ankles, more in the left and 3 fractures also in the left ankle. And I got a concussion.”
Clinton Moore choose for his first run a Body varial to Heel Clicker combo which was lovely. However, he didn’t land the 720 in his second run. I was hurt by seeing him hitting the ground, so I don’t want to imagine how he felt.
There’s one thing I’m angry about. Thomas Pages did two flawless tricks and I’m still stoked and he finishes only 4th? Pardon me, but this isn’t fair! He did a beautiful Side body backflip and a Twisting backflip grab. I think he should got a medal. Don’t take me wrong, I’m so happy Cameron Sinclair is comfortable with pulling out Double backflips like it’s an easy trick, especially after that horrible crash he had. I think Best Trick is mostly about inovations and Thomas Pages should have got a medal.
Freestyle gold medalist has another medal in this possesion. Taka Higashino with his nice landed Rock Solid Backflip won the silver medal last night. Thumbs up for this crazy samurai!
And here comes the star of the night – Jackson Strong. Oh my dear Lord! What was that trick he did? Bar hop rolling backflip double grab? What the hell??!! This is brilliant! I would have never guessed I’ll see such a trick in my life. WOW! It’s mind blowing. I keep watching it over and over again. Hit the play and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Jackson Strong wins Moto X Best Trick (updated)

  1. Pages really got underscored. I’ve heard that part of the problem is that the judges have less than a minute to give out their scores so it’s almost a given that they’ll miss certain things.

    I really feel for Loza. A lot of people are upset that he decided to not take his second run, but he was already injured. He looked so frustrated with himself.

    • I know it’s hard to judge FMX, but I really think Tom should have ended up better.
      I haven’t seen Loza’s run, I’ve just heard about it. I’m bummed for him, he cut his finger last year and this year he got hurt again. It mkaes me sad.

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