Taka Higashino wins Freestyle

What an amazing opening day/night for the X Games Los Angeles 2012!!

Moto X Freestyle medal competition rocked! A beautiful run and even more beautiful Rock Solid backflip has brought the gold medal to the crazy Taka Higashino! He has become the first Japanesse rider to win a gold medal at X Games. I’m still stoked on that Rock Soli backflip combo. It’s BRUTAL! Just take a look.
The ultimate favorite New Zealander finished second. Levi Sherwood didn’t let anybody down. He’s combos and extensions are flawless. See his run here.
I highly respect Javier Villegas. His tricks are great and I simply love his Cordova flips. This is why I am very happy he brought home the bronze medal. It’s amazing seeing him at X and finishing at succh a great place. Take a look at his bronze run here.
All in all, I am pretty content with the overall results. I only hoped for a better position for Adam Jones. However, nobody got hurt, so it’s a win-win situation. CONGRATULATIONS to the top three finishers and is the rest of the result:

4. Nate Adams

5. Blake Williams

6. Adam Jones

7. Rob Adelberg

8. Dany Torres

9. Todd Potter

10. Andre Villa


2 thoughts on “Taka Higashino wins Freestyle

  1. Definitely stoked for Taka. He left his family and friends to pursue his dream, and after a lot of hard work, it’s finally come true.

    A lot of us are bummed for Adam, especially since his second run didn’t even air.

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