Red Bull X-Fighters Glen Helen 2012 report

I’ve been following the Red Bull X-Fighters for couple years now and I don’t remember it to be hold at such huge track as was Glen Helen. When I saw the first pictures I was stoked, amused and excited. I already knew it will be hell of a show.

© B. Gardi  –

It’s not a secret that American riders were in advance since they “grew up” on this track while the riders from the other side of world have to get familiar with it. I huge bummer at the beginning was Andre Villa’s crash. He had to sit out the event with a cut finger (it looked pretty gnarly).  Javier Villegas and Rob Adelberg were riding with injuries – Adelberg with broken jaw and Villegas with injured shoulder.

© B. Gardi –

Dany Torres and Levi Sherwood were the hottest couple to be riding against each other in the finals. However, they both were eliminated in the quarterfinals.

The finals were between a homie Todd Potter and Thomas Pages. Nobody expected Tom to succeed this greatly, but you should never underestimate the French riders. Both riders had amazing runs the whole afternoon, but in the end it was Todd Potter who grabbed the 100 points. Pages finished second without doing a flip trick and third was another American patriot Wes Agee.

© G. Milan –


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