Red Bull X-Fighters Dubai 2012

 As the previous year the season opener of Red Bull X-Fighters had taken place at Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. However, the organizers went bigger. 20.000 spectators witnessed an amazing night full of breath-taking tricks and surprising turns.

©J. Mitter –

New rules in quarter-finals confused not only the spectators, but also the riders. According to the new rule, each rider in the quarter-final should do 6 tricks. Although, there wasn’t told or shown that they should do them in a certain amount of time. André Villa and Dany Torres forgot/ didn’t know about the time, so their last trick didn’t count. Both of them dropped out right at the beginning of the night.

I’m sure you already know the results, but as a little remainder, the finals were between Levi Sherwood and Rob Adelberg. The young Aussie had been a huge surprise for me. It was really nice to see him in the finals. Well, Levi won – no surprise about that. That made Adelberg second and Javier Villegas was third.

© B. Gardi –

The next stop of Red Bull X-Fighters will be on 12th May at Glen Helen, USA.


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