Nitro Circus comes to Tour Europe

Nitro Circus Live is launching the European Tour at the end of the year 2012.  The FMX Superstar Travis Pastrana with his buddies – Erik Roner, Jim DeChamp, Jolene Van Vugt, Special Greg, Dusty Wygle and various best action sport atheletes have already toured Australia, New Zealand and thrown a show in Las Vegas last year. Now, they are coming to entertain the European crowd.

If you are around UK, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands or Spain in November/December 2012, you better to make time to see the show, that everybody talks about.

Here is a little teaser from the Nitro Circus guys and for more info go to Nitro Circus Live.


2 thoughts on “Nitro Circus comes to Tour Europe

  1. Nitro circus. seeing your show in Adelaide. I still can’t get you guys out my head. How crazy you guys are takes words right out of my mouth Watching jackass watching crusty demonds you guys cannot compare to anyone else in the world watching your show in Adelaide blown my mind away. I can’t wait for yous to come back to adelaide but seeing you guys in Europe would never be expected. This is the first draw I’ve ever entered in my life. This competition means so much to me I haven’t stoped thinking about since your show in Adelaide. Aaron Dennis

    • Hello Aaron!
      First of all thank you so much for your comment. It’s really nice to hear about your experience at the Nitro Circus Live event in Adelaide. I have heard it was really a blast. I’m really looking forward to seeing them while they will Tour Europe.

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