Yes, I am a girl. Yes, I love FMX. No, my boyfriend is not a rider.

I had a very nice chat with a guy the other day about Freestyle Motocross and life in general. He asked me if my boyfriend is a dirtbike rider and I answered negatively. I must tell ya, that he was surprised very much.

When I like some extreme or motorsport, does that autimatically mean that my family member/friend/boyfriend do the sport?!

So, nobody from my family or friends does not ride a dirtbike, or do freestyle. I have discovered this sport through television. Yeah, God bless television! One unspecific day, I saw this most amazing, reckless, adventurous and extreme sport on TV.  I think it was a love at first sight and still is. However, I can’t tell you what I love the most about it. Is it the noise? The smell of burnt oil? The adrenaline? The crazy and crazier tricks? Dirtbikes? The dirtbike riders? Or the lifestyle? It could be all or none of above. Still, I think I have missed some points out…

Anyways, I know what I hate about this sport – the crashes, injuries and deaths… Sadly, it’s part of it. Wish it wasn’t…



2 thoughts on “Yes, I am a girl. Yes, I love FMX. No, my boyfriend is not a rider.

  1. It annoys me how people assume that girls can’t like motocross and other actions sports. Like you, I got into FMX through television… though it was more friends and family who couldn’t believe that it was my favorite sport. I think I was too young for people to assume that I dated a rider, and there aren’t many Asian pros so I didn’t get asked about family either.

    • My family and friends still find it surprising that I like action sports, and it’s been couple years now… At the beginning, lot of people thought I like the sport just because I fancy rider/driver. That’s a bit upsetting.
      Anyways, thank you for your comment!

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