10 Reasons why I’m going to miss 2011

Do you know the feeling when you enjoy something or like somebody and it’s really hard to say goodbye to it? Well, this is how I feel about saying goodbye to 2011. Ah, it’s been a damn great year. Of course, there have been bad moments, but all in all it’s been one of the best years of my life and now I’m gonna tell you why.

1. Succesful first year at University

Maybe to some of you it’s nothing, but for me it’s a big acomplisment to pass all the exams I had.

2. Hooligans concert 

If you are not Hungarian or living on the south of Slovakia you probably don’t know this band. Well, Hooligans is a Hungarian rock band and I like them very much! I’ve already been to three of their shows. After a year, they have made a stop during their tour in my town. It was great to see them again, despite there were too many young aged screaming girls…

3. Good Charlotte concert

The day before the Hooligans show, I was at the Sziget festival to see one of the bands I carry deeply in my heart.The first time I’ve heard a  GC song was when I was that young aged screaming girl and I have been listening to them since. It was underscribable to see them live and being no that far from the stage. Everytime I hear a Good Charlotte song played at the show I recall every single moment of that night.

4. Got an offer to write for a Slovak motorsport website

This is something I still don’t understand how could this happen. I have never thought that it could happen once. Small step forward in reaching my dreams.

5. My first FMX event

Well, not literally. But the first FMX event I’ve been to. After five years watching various FMX events on TV or online, I have finally got the chance to see it live. So, on a warm summer day I got on the bus and didn’t stop still I reach the arena. I couldn’t believe I was just about to see Mike Metzger the ‘the Godfather of FMX’ and many other amazing riders as Brody Wilson, Rob Adelberg, Remi Bizouard or Jose Miralles. If I am not counting the awful crash of Metzger, that night was perfect night.

6. Vodice, Croatia

A perfect destination for a summer vacation to live. I’m a winter type person, but I love spending my summer in Croatia, especially in Vodice. This was the second time I’ve been to this town. I can’t describe the love I feel for this small place on Earth. It fills me up with energy, peace and positive vibes. Being there for five minutes and I feel like everything is possible. Even people are super nice there . I hope, I will have a chance to spend there more time than two short weeks.

7. Visiting Prague

I’ve always wanted to visit Prague and another event made me to finally go there. This Czech metropolis is beautiful! I didn’t have lot of time for sightseeing, but in an hour and half I have seen everything what matters in Prague. The Christmas markets and all of the decoration and lights were like from a fairytale.  Still, I’d love to go back there and enjoy the city a bit more and also meet up with my host again, which brings me to the next point of this list.

8. Meeting Janie in person

I ‘m not 100% sure, but it was either on Twitter or on Tumblr where we have started to talk for the first time. We soon realised we have quite a lot of things in common. We both listen  to same music and share a love for FMX. I always thought that it’s hard to find a girl who love Freestyle Motocross, but I’ve learnt that this is not quite true. Anyways, Jane and I went to a FMX event held in Prague. I must tell you, that I was a bit nervous about meeting her in person, because I don’t do such things like acting without thinking normally. However, it looks like I should do such things more often. They always turn out to be the time of my lifes. So, I really had a great time with Jane. She’s a great, funny and amazing person. I hope we will meet one day again. (I would have put a picture of the two of us here, but we were so excited about the event and then totally tired after the event that both of us have forgotten to take a picture. Fail. But that’s another reason to meet again 😉 )

9. FMX Gladiator Games 2011

Frankly, I don’t know where to start. FMX GG was something because of I’m still in seventh heaven. I can’t believe I’ve got the chance to be there, for the (maybe)  last event of the Gladiator Games. The rider list was a killer. Riders like Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams, Jackson Strong, Dustin Miller, Remi Bizouard, Libor Podmol or Petr Pilát were there. But the reason why I really wanted to go there was Mike Mason. Yes, this 30 years old American Pro FMX rider is a huge part of my favorite riders ever. I enjoyed every second of the night and I must tell you that the organizator planned it perectly. The night of 3 December 2011 was full of emotions. Well, I’d like to see you to handle seeing your fave rider, a tandem backflip on a snowmobile and a double backflip on a dirtbike by Scott Murray throughout two hours. I’m sure you’d be on a emotional rollercoaster too. Honestly, I had the time of my life and a lot of my dreams had become true on that night.

10. Having the most amazing family and friends

Well, this is not only about the year 2011, but anything on this list wouldn’t be possible without my friends and family. They have accompanied me on my adventures. I’m truly blessed to have them, even though I forget that from time to time. Their support is everything I’ve got. Thank you for being there for me, thank you for everything. I love you.


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