Kimi Räikkönen is back!

Yes, I know this is more than a month old story, but thinking about if there’s something to look forward to 2012, it totally has hit me. The guy who have turned my life upside down ( and he doesn’t even know about it) is coming back to Formula 1. I simply can’t believe it.

For those, who doesn’t know who Kimi Räikkönen is, so he is a 33 y.o. Finnish racing driver. He’s been racing since an early age and launched Formula 1 racing series in 2001. After nine racing seasons, in which he took the 2007 Formula One  World Drivers’ Championship,  he went on sabbatical. He raced in World Rally Championship for the upcoming two years. During his first year he raced for a Red Bull team and in the second year he raced for his own team Ice One Racing. This year he also launched his own motocross team with two riders who compete in the World Championship. And now, he’s coming back to race in F1 for the Lotus team (previous Renault team).

For those, who have no idea, why I’m so effing happy of his comeback, that this one person have changed my life completely. I know it sounds crazy and it’s impossible that he would change my life when he has even no idea who I am, but he has and he has done it perfectly and I’ll leave it here for now.

But let me say one more thing – BRING THE F1 SEASON 2012 ON!

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