Robbie Maddison’s and Levi Lavallee’s Red Bull: New Year. No Limits 2011

Red Bull is a huge company and it’s obvious they love extreme sports and pushing the boundaries. Since 2007, every year there’s a crazy Athlete who wants to set a record in anything.

Robbie Maddison was the first “Mad Dog” who launched the Red Bull: New Year. No Limits, when he set a new world record for the longest jump on a motorcycle, jumping 322 feet, 7½ inches in Las Vegas. A year later, Rhys Millen and once again Maddo were featured on the programme. Millen attempt to do a backflip with an Off-road car. The car landed hard on all four wheels before the truck then rolled. Maddison’s crazy stunt consisted of a ten-storey high jump on the top of the replica of  the Arc de Triomphe at a Las Vegas casino and then jumping off it. In 2009, Travis Pastrana jumped a Subaru Impreza off the Pine Avenue pier, soaring 269 feet on Rainbow Harbor, and landed on a floating barge. The last years’ Red Bull NY No Limits must been cancelled because Levi Lavallee, a seven-time X Games Winter medalist, was injured while practicing for the world record snowmobile distance jump.

However, this year Lavallee is fully recovered and back for the Red Bull: New Year. No Limits.  He has also brought a  strong back-up Robbie Maddison with himself. Levi Lavallee will jump his snowmobile alongside Robbie Maddison who will ride his dirtbike. Both will jump over 300 feet of water from the North park to the South park at the Embarcadero Marina Park in  San Diego, California on Saturday.

Honestly, watching the practices and all the videos, I’m having butterflies in my stomach. I can’t wait. My only wish is that nobody gets hurt. It’s going to be EPIC.


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