Indoor Supercross in Hungary!

What the hell?! I can’t believe my eyes!

The Hungarian fans of motocross and supercross had to wait 20 years to have an indoor SX race in their country. It’s going to be held in SYMA Hall (SYMA Csarnok) in Budapest on 4th and 5th February 2012. The riders list is still opened. So if you’re a rider and wanna try it out, for the details about the Entry go to


To be honest, I have never heard about a Supercross race anywhere near I live. Well, there may be some in Austria and I’m sure there are couple of them in Germany. But Motocross isn’t very popular here. Of course, there are many guys and girls who ride motocross, but all the races are sort of amateur ones and nobody talks about them. They are more like unknown for the public. The fact that this kind of extreme sport (MX,SX, FMX) is getting popularized is only making me happy. People just need to learn about it, fall in love with it and live it 🙂


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