Petr Pilát video-ed up

Petr Pilát from Czech republic is a young and very talented Freestyle Motocross rider. Thank to his height all of his tricks looks pretty amazing. I’m not saying this because I’m from the neighbour country. I’m saying it because it’s true.

Petr is pretty much fearless and despite his “young” age, he is trying different tricks out. Lately, he’s pulling the One Hand Take Off Flip, which is a backflip with only one hand on the handlebar. Petr did this trick also in Sofia at the Night of the Jumps final stop of the season. I must tell, that this trick looks pretty crazy! I was lucky to see it live at the FMX Gladiator Games in Prague this year.

Pilník, as his friends call him, shared a video with us, where he is training this trick. I’m not sure if I could handle a simple Backflip, because even only watching it made me a little dizzy. Well, see  for yourself, what this crazy Czech guy can do!


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