Remi Bizouard wins the final stop of Night of The Jumps while Javier Villegas claims the tittle

Another Freestyle Motocross event competition has ended yesterday. The FIM’s Night of The Jumps’ last even of the year was hold in Sofia, Bulgaria. The arena was almost full. The crowed made a huge noise and enjoyed every second of the show.

Massino Bianconcini, Maikel Melero, Jose Mirrales, Javier Villegas, Petr Pilát and Remi Bizouard were the six riders who were qualified into the main part of the event. Javier Villegas and Remi Bizouard were in the fight for the championship tittle. Although, the other riders didn’t make it easy for this couple. 


It seemed that the crowd simply loved the Spanish guys. Melero and Miralles had amazing runs. Petr Pilat has also showed the best he got.  But as it is expected Remi and Javier were going pretty big. Even though Bizouard won the final stop, the Chillean guy Villegas captured the Championship tittle!


The FIM’s NoTJ for 2011 is over. Now, we have to wait couple months till the new season begins. Till then, watch the whole photo album from last night here.



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