X Games 17 – Day 2

There are only two more days of the X Games 17. Everything is prepared for today’s Speed and Style and women’s Racing.But let’s take a look what happened at Moto X Freestyle yesterday.

I was able to watch the end of the eliminations today and I must tell you, that I hate not having a channel which airs X Games even more… Anyways, Nate Adam, Taka Higashino, Danny Torres and Adam Jones got into the finals. Poor Josh Sheehan dislocated his shoulder while trying a Ruler Flip. That caused him to crash. He hopes to get better till Red Bull X-Fighters Poland which is on 6th August.

So, I guess it was amazing, considering I loved the elimination rounds. I must tell that I’m more than satisfied with the results. Finally Dany Torres won a medal at X Games. The Spanish Torreador is leading the current Red Bull X-Fighters championship and won a bronze medal at X Games 17. Take a look at his pretty smooth run.

Adam Jones has finally won something! I couldn’t believe my eyes, when I saw the results. Watching the results of each run and the elimination I think he could have attacked even the gold medal, but winning the silver one is more than AWESOME! Look how he rocked it out!

Well, the winner was Nate Adams. The Destroyer pulled out sick tricks and the 360. This dude is like a robot! He has a sick style.

Congratulations to all the winners and get well soon to Sheeny!



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