X Games 17 – Day 1

Honestly I hate living in Europe when it’s X Games’ time… Well, I wouldn’t have hated it, if I had ESPN or at least ESPN America. But I don’t, so I see all the footage only the next morning. However, Moto X Step Up, Best Whip and Best Trick were awesome!

The winner of the Step Up is Matt Buyten! He was the only one who went 37 feet high! Well, Ronnie Renner tried it too, but his attempted failed, but he won the silver medal which in good too. The Bronze medal went to Myles Richmond.

The fan voted Best Whip secured the gold medal for Jeremy Stenberg. His whip was good, but I loved Jarryd McNeil‘s one. He won the bronze medal. The silver one went to Todd Potter.

But the Moto X Best Trick amazed me the most from the first day. I couldn’t believe my eyes! A complete Aussie podium! Josh Sheehan replaced Robbie Maddison, who pulled out of the Moto X because of his injury. Sheeny pulled out a nice Double BackFlip, which secured him a bronze medal!

Last year’s X Games 16 gold medalist Cameron Sinclair landed a Nac-Nac Double BackFlip! This time, he won the silver medal.

This year’s gold medalist is a 19-years old Australian Jackson Strong who landed a Frontflip at the X Games history for the first time. Honestly, I’m always incredibly scared watching these Double Backflips or Frontflips and I’m always happy when they turn out to be good.

Travis Pastrana has attempted a TP720, but unfortunately failed. He crashed and broke his ankle and foot. This means an end for him at the X Games 17 – no Moto X Freestyle, NASCAR or RallyCross. I’m so sad about this, because Travis is a great Athlete. I wish him a fast recovery!

So, this was the first day at X Games 17 Moto X. Congratulations to all medalists!


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