Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid – 10th Anniversary!!

Red Bull X-Fighters had celebrated its 10th anniversary at Plaza de Toros de las Ventas in Madrid last Friday! It was an event full of surprises. It was one of those nights I wish I was there.

Dany Torres has won the qualification again. It had shown that despite his injury didn’t affect him. He was ready to fight for the first place in his home country.

© A. Schaad –

Unfortunately, couple riders injured themselves. Firstly, Eigo Sato injured himself during practice and was unable to ride the main event. French David Rinaldo crashed in the Round 1 Friday. Luckily, didn’t hurt himself.

© J. Mitter –

The quarter finals were full of surprises. The first heat was between Josh Sheehan and Adam Jones. Sheeny finished third inRome and was ready to pull out more amazing tricks. Jones was complaining before the event that his foot hurts and as he said, he wasn’t sure if he was able to ride. Well, in the end he did, but it was Sheeny who got all the 5 helmets from the jury.

© J. Mitter –

The second heat was Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams vs. Andre Villa. The Norwegian had also hurt himself and ended up with a broken toe. Both riders had a very nice run, but Bilko got 3 out 5 helmets and moved forward to the semifinals.

© P. Vuckovic

The next heat should had been between Maikel Melero and Robbie Maddison. However, Robbie didn’t even show up. We were informed that Maddo crashed during practice and was taken to the hospital for some checkups (don’t worry, he’ll be there for the X Games ;)). Even though that Maikel already moved forward to the semifinals, he did his run for the 25,000 crowed in the bull arena.

© J. Mitter –

The last quarter final run was between Dany Torres and Javier Villegas. Dany pulled amazing tricks out. Luckily, he didn’t crash this time. However, it was Villegas, who crashed. According to my info, he broke his collarbone.

The first semifinal heat was between Maikel Melero and Bilko Williams. The Spaniard was doing everything to please the crowd and the jury. But it was Bilko, who got to the finals for the very first time. Bilko has an extremely specific style. This Aussie brings his funnyman features into his tricks.

© P. Vuckovic –

The other seminal heat was between Sheeny and Torres. It was sort of obvious that DT will join Bilko in the finals. However, Sheeny was really enjoying his ride.

© A. Schaad –

The final runs were amazing. Bilko was enjoying it and DT was trying his best. In the end, Dany Torres won the Red Bull X-Fighters in Madrid! The Spanish toreador captured the 100 points and won the Swatch Best Move too. Two Aussies were on the podium too. We couldn’t have asked for a better event. The next X-Fighters stop will be on 6th August in Poznan,Poland.

© J. Mitter –


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