Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid Rider List

This Friday is going to be HUGE in Madrid! It’s the 10th Anniversary of helding Red Bull X-Fighters in Madrid! Riders are already practicing for the qualification tonight. Well, but who are the riders to rock the Madrid event? Here’s the Rider List:

  • Adam Jones (USA)
  • Andre Villa (NOR)
  • Robbie Maddison (AUS)
  • Dany Torres (ESP)
  • Maikel Melero (ESP)
  • Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams (AUS)
  • Eigo Sato (JAP)
  • Josh Sheehan (AUS)
    Javier Villegas (CHL)
  • David Rinaldo (FRA)
  • Nick Franklin (NZL)
  • Alastair Sayer (BOT)

If you’re not in Madrid this weekend, be sure to watch the even online on


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