Red Bull X-Fighters: Venue changes in Poland + revelation of the place in Australia

The most exclusive Freestyle Motocross sport series, The Red Bull X-Fighters almost had to be cancelled in Poland. Warsaw should have hosted the 5th stop if this years season. However, the National Stadium won’t be finished by the time. Guys at the X-Fighters did everything to find another place. And they did. The Red Bull X-Fighters were moved to the City Stadium inPoznan. So if you are in Poland on 6th August, you’d better go to check it out!


Also this week has been revealed the place where the X-Fighters in Australia will be happening. This is going to be the first time that X-Fighters will take place in Australia. I’m sure it was really hard to find the best place for it. So, Cockatoo Island on Sydney Harbour will host the final stop of Red Bull X-Fighters on 17th September!



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