Nate Adams won the Red Bull X-Fighters stop in Rome

Last Saturday Rome hosted the third stop of Red Bull X-Fighters. After last year’s success, the X-Fighters moved from Stadio Flaminio to a much bigger Stadio Olimpico. 45,000 spectators were going crazy about the sickest tricks executed by the top FMX riders in the world.

Dany Torres had to skip the Brazilian event because of his few broken bones. They weren’t healed for 100% , but he couldn’t miss another event out. The Spaniard won the qualification.

I must say, that the track course was incredible! I have never seen a FMX event in that huge stadium. Adam Jones and Andre Villa were the two riders to fight for getting into the semifinals. Despite a sore knee, Adam had an amazing run. I like his executions and the way he pulls the Cordova Flip or Rigormortis out. However, it was sort of obvious that it’s going to be Villa, who gets the most of the helmets.

© S. Marko –

It looks like that Eigo Sato competes against the youngest riders lately on this event. Josh Sheehan pulled out awesome tricks. He also did a baby Backflip ala Travis Pastrana. Eigo is a great rider with loads of experiences, but this time he lost, again.

© A. Schaad –

The next couple was a killer one. Robbie Maddison against Nate Adams battle was super! Maddo did the Body Varial, but he also made couple mistakes. On the other hand, Nate’s run was pretty cool and smooth. The last two quarterfinal runs were Bilko’s and Toress’. I always enjoy Bilko’s runs because they are great and fun! This guy is still a big kid. Once again was Danny Torres unlucky. He crashed right after the first trick. It wasn’t nice too see him going down, but luckily DT is okay. He gained an extra fracture, though. Hopefully he’ll be fit enough to rock the X-Fighters inMadrid.

© J. Mitter –

Actually, it was sort of obvious who’s going to get into the finals after DT’s crash, but with the judges lately you can never be sure. The first semifinal run was between Josh Sheehan and Nate Adams. Even though that Nate did few mistakes, he was the first rider who get to the finals. Andre Villa joined him after winning the heat against Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams.

© A. Schaad –

© A. Schaad –

Final runs were incredible as always. Andre Villa did amazing trick, so did Nate Adams. I must add that, Nate was riding without flip levers, which is unbelievable after seeing all those flips. However, Nate ‘Destroyer’ Adams seems to be unbeatable lately. He won the Italian stop of Red Bull X-Fighters. Andre Villa finished 2nd and Josh Sheehan was 3rd! Congratulations to everyone and also to Sheehan for the Red Bull sponsorship! What’s more, the winner of the Swatch Best Move was Clinton Moore.

© J. Mitter –

© J. Mitter –

Next stop is on July 15th inMadrid,Spain, so don’t miss it out!


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