Sony Ericsson Freestyle Motocross 2011

The capital city of Slovakiahosted the Sony Ericsson Freestyle Motocross for the first time. Previous years the show was held in Košice – the second biggest city inSlovakia. I informed you about the riders list in the previous blog entry and I was really happy and lucky to be at the Orange Arena in Bratislava last Saturday!

It was AMAZING! The track was pretty simple, but still, it amazed me! I was really excited because we had great places pretty close to the track – to see the tricks clearly and even the riders. Maybe I was so pumped about all of that because this was the first FMX event I’ve been to.

At the beginning the presenters announced 9 riders. The tenth rider – Ilka Salo went a little bit down during the practice so he couldn’t ride in the evening. It made me a bit sad, because I was really looking forward to see the ‘Body Varial’. But I hope he’s alright and going to ride pretty soon. Even Libor Podmol came out to say hi to us. According to his words he was feeling pretty fine. Even though he tried, he couldn’t ride. So, Libor was the head judge of the night. The second judge was Braňo Nikš – the only Slovak FMX rider, who was also recovering from an injury. I’m really sorry, but I don’t remember, who the third judge was.

Austrian rider Martin Schenk opened the night full of incredible tricks. His ride was great, although it looked like he had some problems with his bike. I have to tell, that I didn’t know much about him before, but he was pretty good. He also reminded me of the guy who was sitting next to me!

Then the two Czech riders František Máca and Ondřej Záruba came. Both had amazing runs! Actually, I could tell that about every run! I loved the whole night and I’m still super excited about it.

Daice Suzuki and Jose Miralles were the craziest riders of the night! They executed so sick tricks and their extensions were incredible! Actually I was going crazy during every run.

The arena wasn’t full. There were around 5,000 spectators, but considering all the other events that night in Bratislava, I think it’s a nice number. What’s more, everybody was going crazy! We made such a huge noise that even the riders were pretty surprised and pumped about it.

Brody Wilson and Rob Adelberg were indescribable AMAZING! Rob even qualified to the final on the first place! Remi Bizouard was in a great shape too. His tricks were pretty smooth and awesome! Actually, Remi has won two times the Sony Ericsson Freestyle Motocross.

The highlight of the night was the Godfather of FMX – Mike Metzger! I couldn’t believe I’m seeing this guy pulling out amazing tricks! He’s a living legend! We welcomed him with a HUGE standing ovation! His qualification run was AMAZING! I must add that his gear didn’t arrive, so he borrowed the boots, some knee pads and gloves from Libor Podmol. So, literally, he was riding in a T-shirt and jeans. You probably know, that Metzger always gives the best out of him. At the end of his run he crash a little bit into the barriers, but it was nothing serious. He jumped back on the bike and started a fabulous final run! He continued showing his amazing style. However, one trick didn’t go well… The landing didn’t come out as he planned and crash pretty hard. It was the worst moment of the night. Seeing him lying on the ground without any movements scared me a lot. The meds immediately ran to him and took him straight to the hospital. He waved us on his way out. Mike Metzger broke his collarbone, bruised his lungs and suffered a slight concussion. He will spend few days in the hospital.

These things happen in FMX world and the show had to continue. Final runs of Wilson, Adelberg, Suzuki, Miralles and Bizouard were incredible! All of the runs were AMAZING! Actually, I am so happy I wasn’t the judge, because I couldn’t have picked one winner.

In the end, Remi Bizouard has won the Sony Ericsson FMX 2011!! Jose Miralles finished second and Brody Wilson and Rob Adelberg shared the third place. Congratulations not to only the top finishers, but to everybody! They were amazing and I really enjoyed the night! I was amazing! Even though that Metzger crashed. Without that crash it would be much better. Wish him fast recovery and hopefully he will be riding soon!!!

So, this was the Sony Ericsson Freestyle Motocross 2011. See you next year because I will be there!

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