Red Bull X-Fighters Brasilia

The highest class of the Freestyle Motocross has moved to Latin America to show the Brazilian people the sickest tricks! Surely, people in Brazillove FMX. They have upheld it with 100.000 spectators! Impressive!

© G. Newton –

The riders were getting prepared for the main event step by step. The practices and qualifiers didn’t go without some mistakes and little crashes. Robbie ‘Maddo’ Maddison was riding the main event with stitches in his elbow. However, Dany Torres could have enjoyed the Brazilian stop a little bit more if he wasn’t injured. Two weeks before the stop he crash while training and broke metatarsal and fractured two toe bones. He was determined to ride inBrazil, but obviously the pain made it impossible. Read the whole article about his crash here.

© B. Gardi –

Levi Sherwood’s gear got lost. It’s pretty much a frequent problem for riders, but surely it’s annoying. Luckily, he got the gear back on Friday and could do some practice.

Nate Adams won the qualifier. Maddo finished second and Eigo Sato third.

Quarter finals were amazing! Actually, the whole event was super! Javier Villegas pulled out amazing tricks! His run was very impressive. However, it was Andre Villa who won that heat.

© B. Gardi –

Levi Sherwood was riding old school yesterday. He didn’t put the flip handlers on his bike. According to his words it was for his own safe – so, no flips from the Kiwi. Despite that fact, I loved his ride. Levi Sherwood has an incredible style and virtuous extensions. On the other hand Eigo Sato is a skilled “old dog”. However, he missed some tricks and obviously wasn’t pleased with his run at all. Levi Sherwood got the semi-finals.

© A. Schaad –

The next heat was between Adam Jones and Robbie Maddison. Adam has a pretty good run. I really dig his style. Maddo pulled out sweet tricks too and it was clear he’s going to win the heat. However, I didn’t get the judging system last night. There were a bit too much 5-0s. I think Jones should have gotten at least one helmet. Never mind…

© J. Mitter –

The last heat in the quarters was between Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams and Nate Adams. After the third place in Dubai, Nate was really confident and self-collected. The Destroyer won the heat.

© J. Mitter –

Semi-finals were really brilliant! Maddo vs. Sherwood was spectacular. But the second heat between Villa and Adams was really though. Both are amazing riders with great style. However, it was Adams who won the heat.

© B. Gardi –

Final heat between Maddo and Adams was…brutal – great trick, super extensions. Brazil couldn’t have asked for a better final. In the end it was Adams who has got the most helmets. Adam Jones has won the nights Best Move. Probably, the biggest highlight of the night for me!

© B. Gardi –

Last night has its lovely moments. Honestly, I enjoy Andy Bell’s commentating a lot. Levi’s, Bilko’s and Maddo’s planks have lightened up the night!

© B. Gardi –

Okay, seriously I really enjoy this season of Red Bull X-Fighters.Dubai was an incredible season opener and Brasilia was the best way to continue this season. I’m really looking forward to Rome.


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