Sony Ericsson Freestyle Motocross

Two more weeks and I’ll be attending the Sony Ericsson Freestyle Motocross event in Bratislava, Slovakia!! It’s gonna be the very first FMX show I’ll see. Sony Ericsson FMX has already taken place in Slovakia three times ago, but in Košice. This is the first time it’s held in Bratislava in the Orange Arena.

Ten incredible riders are confirmed. It made me scream when I saw the complete list for the first time. Well, let’s see who’s coming:

Libor Podmol (CZE) !!!
Jose Miralles (ESP)
Mike Metzger (USA) !!!
Rob Adelberg (AUS) !!!
Daice Suzuki (JAP)
Remi Bizouard (FRA) !!!
Brody Wilson (USA)
Ilka Salo (FIN)
František Maca (CZE)
Ondra Záruba (CZE)

The one and only Slovak FMX rider Braňo Nikš can’t attend this event as a rider because he is recovering from an injury. But he will be one of the judges.  If this rad riders list has caught your attention you’ll find the most important information about this event on FMX.SK.

I can’t believe that the Godfather is coming and I’ll be seeing him in two weeks!! It’s gonna be AWESOME! I’m also looking forward to see Rob Adelberg pulling out some new tricks, ‘cos he has practiced some and confirmed me he will show some in Slovakia! I think you shouldn’t miss it! There are still loads of ticks on sale for a great prize! Here’s an invitation from the one and only FMX Godfather Mike Metzger!!!

You’ve heard it. DON’T MISS THE SHOW! So, the question is : Will I see you there?


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