A little look back to Turkish event

The Formula 1 madness has finally come to the European continent two weeks ago. The guys had three weeks to get some rest before they came to Turkey. Obviously it helped them, because the drivers were really energetic. I think it was the busiest weekend that Istanbul Park ever had.

© en.espnf1.com

It seemed that McLaren can finally catch up with Red Bulls, but in the end Red Bull dominated the qualification and the race. Sebastian Vettel won the pole position for the fourth time!

© en.espnf1.com

The race was the best from all the races this season. I have never seen so many overtake during one race. If I had known that beforehand I would have count them. The DRS system has finally shown off. Mark Webber lost few positions right after  the start, but didn’t give up. The Aussie was pretty confident that weekend. It seemed that Ferrari had found a set-up to be able to keep up with Red Bulls. Fernando Alonso even overtook Mark Webber and raced on the second position for a while. However, the Red Bulls are way too faster, so Webber fought back and got back his second position back. Only Sebastian Vettel was driving on the leading position. None of the drivers got close to him.

© en.espnf1.com

© motorsport.nextgen-auto.com

It was really a spectacular race and it was the first double for Red Bull! I’m really looking forward for Catalunya this weekend. Red Bulls still looks to be pretty fast. I’m curious if Alonso will be on the podium in his home country.


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