Red Bull X-Fighters Dubai

I can say that my motorsport life is fully going and making me busy as never before. Formula 1 is rolling without any difficulties, as well WRC, Kimi Räikkönen doesn’t stop surprising me and even Red Bull X-Fighters’ season has begun! The exclusive class of FMX madness has moved to Dubai, UAE on 15th April.


I simply love how they pick the event spots. I adoredGizaandMoscowlast year. I think Dubai was a great choice for the season kick-off.  The track was X shaped and looked amazing from the helicopter shots.


X-Fighters are about amazing tricks, fun and great show. However, it always makes me a bit nervous. I adore these guys, because every time they ride the bike they risk their lives. I know they have chosen this lifestyle and they are doing it because they love it, but still… It’s risky and accidents happen all the time. Jackson Strong had an accident during the qualification. He over-rotated his Backflip. Luckily, he suffered only slight injuries.


The main event was amazing!! Guys did so many amazing tricks, but some of them weren’t perfect. I was a bit surprised when Levi Sherwood didn’t make it to the semi-finals. It’s not like Danny Torres is not a great rider, because he is. The Spaniard was in a great form that night. Neither Robbie Maddison nor Nate Adams was in his best shape and that reflected on both runs. André Villa and Danny Torres met in the finals. Both were amazing, but in the end it was Danny, who won the first stop of Red Bull X-Fighters. Congrats Danny!




However, I have to tell you that I loved Adam Jones’ run even though he didn’t get to the semi-finals. I really dig his style. I am so happy knowing that he should ride at every stop! In the end of May, exactly on 28th May, X-Fighters move toBrazil. That means early get up for me! I hate this different time zone thing…


Oh, I have almost forgotten! We’ve got new information about the Australian event! Red Bull X-Fighters will be held in Sydney and we should know the name of the venue soon too. So if you want to experience this amazing extreme madness in Australia in September 27th, go and book your plane tickets now! I am sure it’s going to be the best final event of the season!


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