F1: Few words about Malaysian and Chinese GP

I can’t believe I have to skip to write about the Malaysian and Chinese GP! Probably you all have seen it, so I make my entry short.

Well, I have to tell you, that these first three F1 races were amazing! Sebastian Vettel ruled the whole weekend in Malaysia and I loved it! He’s in such good form and the car seems to be as fast as it was last season. On the other hand I was feeling really sorry for Mark Webber. It’s impossible that one car of the same team is super fast and the second one is struggling all the time.

© en.espnf1.com

However, it was Sebastian who had some struggles in China and Mark was the one who was shinning! Vettel had to defend his leading position against Lewis Hamilton, but at the end Hamilton caught the German off guard and overtook him. Mark started from the 18th position and finished 3rd!! It was his best weekend this season! It was amazing to see him smiling and being satisfied. Sometimes a messed up qualification can end greatly.

© Red Bull

So, the Chinese podium stands were:

© en.espnf1.com

There are some drivers which surprised me in a real good way. For example Nick Heidfeld finished the Malaysian GP third and Nico Rosberg seemed pretty fast inChina. In my opinion he even could have fight for the third position of he didn’t have some problems with the fuel.

© gpupdate.net

Finally, Formula 1 is coming toEurope. I cannot wait till the Turkish GP. Hopefully it won’t be the last race inTurkey!! By the way, is it only me who is missing rain a little?


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