Cam Sinclair as Aussie Abroad

I have probably written thousand times about the most terrific accident of Cameron Sinclair. On July 17th 2009 he crashed while attempting to pull a double backflip during his run on Red Bull X-Fighters stop in Madrid. He had a long way of recovery. A year after the crash he was there, pulling out the double backflip on the X Games and winning the gold medal.

Well, ESPN Australia was along with Sincs for the ride and only recently they aired a 30-minute episode of Aussies Abroad featuring Cam Sinclair. ESPN USA has brought us this documentary in three parts.

I must tell you, everytime I see a video of Cam’s crash or only read about it, it terrifies me. This documentary show that it wasn’t easy only for Cam but also for his family and wife. I am amazed by the Sinclairs, they are such a strong family.

If you haven’t seen the Aussies Abroad feat. Sincs you can watch it here:





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