Kimi visited ICE1RACING

The ICE1RACING motocross team has been preparing for the season opener race in Spain and Kimi Räikkönen flew over to check on them.

The riders had been training in Fuengirola training camp started by Kari Tiainen. According to his words, they must take advantage of the warm Spanish weather.

Kimi is the owner of the ICE1RACING. However, he doesn’t behave like a self-important boss. He is very nice to the riders and enjoys the time being around them. Kari Tiainen also talks about Kimi’s visit at the camp on the official site of the ICE1RACING:

“Him being here is naturally a big thing for our young riders and gives them the boost. Kimi enjoys riding and spends a lot of time with the riders. I’m sure he leaves something for the riders to think about on his visits.”

There’s a snippet from the video, where Ludde Söderberg takes you around the ICE1RACING team crib. In this snippet, you can see Kimi having good time there. Also, you can watch the whole video here. It’s in Finnish, but give it a shot.

Toni Eriksson and Ludde Söderberg rode the first training competition few weeks ago and started the top level Spanish Championship race in Talavera.

Both riders qualified with good times to the race. Eriksson finished the first heat 7th. However, he crashed jumping into a slower rider in the second heat and had to retire. Söderberg finished both heats and was 13th overall.

Before starting the Grand Prix from Sevlievo Bulgaria on April 10th, they will practice in few more training races.

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