Bahrain cancelled

The worst nightmare of Formula 1 addicted people has become true. The season opener race is not taking place in Bahrain. There are severe unrests going on in the country. The situation is pretty bad. There have occurred many questions if it is good to keep the race and risk the safety of the drivers and spectators.

Mr. Bernie Ecclestone was concerned about it, but he let the Crown Prince make the decision. Nobody can estimate the situation better than the people living in the country. The Crown Prince has found it better not to host the season opener race. Bahrain GP should have been held from 11th – 13th March. There are planned extra tests from 8th – 12th March in Barcelona instead of the race.

The season opener race is going to take place in Australia in the end of March. We have to wait a little bit longer, but this makes the whole season more interesting. The first winner will be known on 27th March.

However, the question about Bahrain is not settled yet. The race may take place sometime in November or during the summer break. We should know the answer about its destiny before Australia.

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