New Monster and Iceman Car

The opening event of the WRC series has already begun. But before we take a look how my double K power is doing, I focus on their new cars.

The Monster World Rally team has switched from Ford Focus to Ford Fiesta. To be honest, I simply love it! Well, I guess, there isn’t a Monster car I would not like, but still. It does look good and Ken Block said it feels good after few test rides. They launched the beast and event calendar via video, which they shot in Sweden. The video is great. The makes had thought about the men fans and they put some Monster girls in it too.

Ken has also answered some fan questions. Some of them are really good and interesting. Check it out!

Kimi Räikkönen’s Citroen DS3 WRC livery has gone simple – black color and some ornaments. However, the Iceman signature and label of his ICE One Racing team cannot miss.

The cars look amazing. I am satisfied with both liveries. Now, I am just hoping they will have great results!


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