Robert Kubica suffered fractures

The Lotus Renault GP driver had an awful accident this morning while attending Rally Ronde di Andora in Italy. Robert Kubica was driving the Škoda Fabia rally car when he ran into a church’s wall. He got stuck in the car and the firemen were needed to get him out of the wreck. However, Jakub Gerber got off unharmed. Kubica was transferred to hospital.

During the day there too was much information about Pole’s actual health condition. Every site and blog has written different things – some were “better”, some worse.

According to his manager Daniele Morelli, Robert suffered fractures to his right arm, leg and hand. He is undergoing surgery at the moment.

However, it’s less likely he’ll be fit till the F1 opening race in Bahrain on 13th March. I am really hoping for the best. Further information about Kubica’s condition are expected around 8pm CET.


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