McLaren MP4-26

McLaren has launched today the new MP4-26 car in Berlin. All the fans and curious motorsport lovers could watch it online.

This time I took a look in it too. To be honest, I liked the previous launches on 1st February a bit more. We’ve already could see the new cars on race track. Unfortunately, the new ‘Silver Arrow’ was only situated in one place. The presenter ran a little chat with both of the drivers, who talked about their impressions of the car and how they are looking forward to test it in Jerez next week. Actually, a huge thank you to this media launch goes to Vodafone.

Well, as there are little color differences on Ferrari and Red Bull cars from the last year ones, the McLaren used the same color painting. Silver Arrows stayed silver and it’s just a question if they are fast enough to be called ‘arrows’. I guess we have to wait few more days to find this one out.

More pictures can be found on the page of my source


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