ICE One Racing Motocross Team

Well, the rumor about Kimi Räikkönen’s motocross team has occurred to be true. Today was the official launch of the ICE One Racing motocross team in Helsinki on which Kimi couldn’t participate. According to his manager he is ill but will be fine till the opening rally event in Sweden next week.

The ICE One Racing team will start in Motocross Championship in MX1 and MX2 classes this year and they will use Kawasaki bikes.

„I’ve always wanted to ride motocross more than anything else. As a kid it was my dream. “ said Kimi.

The team is headed by a seven-time enduro world champion Kari Tiainen and the team’s riders are Toni Eriksson in MX1 and Ludde Söderberg in MX2. They will start the season on 10th April in Bulgaria.

The ICE One Racing team also includes a junior team with six young riders, who compete in different series. For more information go to Don’t worry it’s in English and you can already find there some pictures from the winter practice. Also, you can follow the team on their official Twitter and Facebook page.

Actually, it looks like Kimi has launched his own company, because he also drives the WRC in his own team ICE One Racing. I only with them god luck and amazing year with great results!



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