Jeremy Stenberg talks about leaving Metal Mulisha

I am pretty sure you all know that Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg left and parted from Metal Mulisha after 11-year relationship. Well, if you are interesting in this type of moto sport, you know about it.

The first rumor, or well talk about him leaving Muslisha was back in December 2010. To be honest, I couldn’t make my mind first. I didn’t know if I should feel sad and sorry of  I should be fine with that. Metal Mulisha means a huge family of amazing athletes and Stenberg has always been one of my favourites from Mulisha. Actually, Twitch along other riders has driven me to Freestyle Motocross.

After all those interviews, articles and statements I have finally make my own opinion about that. I am not mad at all neither at Twitch nor the Metal Mulisha. They just have differents interests now. My view at Mulisha hasn’t changed, I still like this brand and freestyle family. But I still do love Stenberg for being who he really is too. I will support him and I also will support Mulisha. They are just not one “company”.

Firstly, you can see Metal Mulisha’s statement here and finally you can hear Jeremy’s side on the whole thing by clicking here. Actually, what Jeremy says is pretty interesting.



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