New RB 7

It’s only 10 more days till the first F1 test in Valencia in 2011, so the time for the teams to prepare the new cars is less day by day. A Red Bull Racing team is trying to get the car ready till the first test. Last year the car wasn’t ready, because A. Newey wanted to make more test in the wind tunnel but this year they would like to test it as much as possible on the track. The RB 7 will launch directly during the test without any formal presentation.

There were some rumors about Sebastian Vettel going to Ferrari or Ferrari willing to have the youngest champion in their team, actually. However, Sebastian is extremely happy to be in RBR. Although Ferrari secured Neil Martin – the main strategist of team Red Bull. Helmut Marko talked about those rumors of Vettel switching to Ferrari in an interview for the German Bild:

“He will not forsake us only for a myth of Ferrari. He is wise enough to know that the other circumstances must fit. While they have Fernando Alonso he will not join them, otherwise it would be a stupid decision.”

Mr. Marko is also speaking about their team spirit, which Ferrari would like to “capture” in that interview.

It did not take long to Stefano Domenicali, the boss of Ferrari, to respond to H. Marko’s statements during the traditional team meeting in Italian Ski center:

“Helmut Marko’s viewpoint is not even applicable to comment. The exchange of the engineers in F1 has always been there. And a Red Bull team spirit? I only know the team spirit of Ferrari, because I have worked only for this team. And I know our team spirit is extraordinary, fantastic.”

All in all, Sebastian Vettel is staying in Red Bull Racing as well as Mark Webber, who’s more ambitious as never before.


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