Events I’ve been to in 2010

Mainly, I write blogs about sport events I have never been to, so I only write about things I’ve seen on TV or read about them. I know it’s not the same, but it is pretty hard to get to the actual events and be everywhere. What’s more Formula 1, WRC or Red Bull X Fighters are not the cheapest sports. However, this year I’ve been to two sport events.

The first was a motocross event. There were riders from Slovakia, Czech Republic and even Hungary. It was the best way how to welcome spring. I was as muddy as the riders were but it had worth it. There were kids aged 10-12, teenagers and even adults. I liked those kids, some of them rode safely, but few of them were bold and jumped pretty far. It was an amazing day spent at the track.   4 12 22 28

The second event was in August and it was on a race track Slovakia Ring. It was an international Grand Prix and even Euro Boss series included this track. There were too many cars and too many series to remember, but I do rememeber the Polish Kia ceed series. Actually, it was the first Grand Prix event I’ve ever  been to and I was like in 7th Heaven. I hope there will be more events held on that race track. 17 39 23

So, this is it. This is the last blog in 2010. I hope you’ll have a FANTASTIC New Years Eve and I wish you

Happy New Year 2011!

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