The Best 6 Motorsport Moments of the Year

Only two more days are left of the year 2010. This year has been full of amazing moments and in setting world or personal records. I’ve made a personal list of the best 6 Motorsport Moments of the Year. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

#6 Travis Pastrana’s Red Bull: New Year. No Limit.

Travis has literally jumped into the year 2010. Red Bull organizes special events, where athletes trying to set new world records while celebrating New Year. Robbie Maddison and Rhys Millen have already tried to set few world records on New Years Eve and they were successful. This time, Travis Pastrana decided to set a new world record in the furthest jump with a rally car. Travis jumped 269 feet and set a new world record. It was sick but I loved it! He makes everything look so easy. It makes me even to try it out.

#5 Ken Block Gymkhana 3

My beloved Monster – Ken Block is a child in a grown up body. Honestly, I don’t know how he does all those incredible things with cars, especially rally cars. The previous successful Gymkhana videos have been followed with another sequel. This time he used the French l’Autodrome de Linas as an ultimate playground. Ken’s a ‘Kick-Ass’!

#4 Red Bull X Fighters Egypt

Red Bull X Fighters series is a popular Freestyle Motocross event. The best FMX riders compete against each other on the most various places on Earth. One of the stops this year was Giza. Personally, I think it was the most spectacular stop in the whole season – Pro-FMX riders showing off their best tricks with pyramids and sphinxes in the background. However, there is one more reason while I loved this stop the most – Adam Jones has won here.

#3 X Games: The Best Trick

There are two reasons why I’ve picked the Best Trick. Firstly, Cameron Sinclair had that awful accident last year in Madrid. He crashed while doing the double Backflip. Luckily, he was fast back on and riding. 9 months later, he pulled out the double Backflip at Crusty Demons show in Australia and he also pulled it out on X Games. It was an amazing double Backflip with a smooth landing. Of course, Cam has won the gold medal. The second reason is ‘The Volt’ (Body Varial) by Robbie Maddison. I simply love that trick.

#2 Kimi Räikkönen 1st Stage Win

WRC is completely different from F1. However, many Räikkönen critics expected that he’ll be successful from the beginning. Kimi’s year in WRC was full of learning. Of course, there were some rallies he didn’t even finish, but there were ones where he scored some points. Kimi Räikkönen is an amazing driver, who likes to enjoy life as much as he can. In spite of all those stupid critics and disestimations he won his very first stage in Germany! It was the SS19 and I’ll never forget that moment! You’ll see he’ll be a Champion in WRC too.

#1 Sebastian Vettel’s successful F1 season

The most precious moment of the year was how Sebastian Vettel has become the youngest F1 Champion. You know, that I am a huge Formula 1 lover and Seb is the one who deserves my support. I’ve already written a pretty long blog about him, so I’m not going to re-write all those things which has been said already.

Well, that’s my list. As I look back it was a very good and flourishing year for Red Bull Athletes.

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