Robbie ‘Maddo’ Maddison

Last Saturday I was watching TV with my family and as I was changing the channels, when I saw a Robbie Maddison report on a Czech sport channel called Nova Sport. It was a recap of this year – the Corinth jump, the win of the Red Bull X Fighters in Spain and the new trick the ‘Volt’.

Robbie Maddison is a 29 years old Australian daredevil and it’s a well-known fact that he’s crazy. Well, the term crazy is not even enough. Maddo is extremely insane. There’s maybe only one person as crazy as Robbie is and it’s Travis Pastrana. Travis does foolish stunts with bikes, cars, rally cars and even Monster Trucks. However, Robbie sticks to good dirt bikes.

Maddison welcomed the year 2008 with setting a new world record for the longest jump at the Rio All-Suite Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. Maddo’s goal was to jump 360 feet. However, 322 feet, 7.5 inches was enough to set the world record.

In the end of the year 2009 he came back to Las Vegas. This time, he decided to jump on and off the replica of the Arc de Triomphe, which is 96 feet high and 40 feet deep.

Later in 2009, Robbie backflipped the Tower Bridge in London.

This year, Robbie Maddison flied over the Corinth Canal in Greece.

This guy really amazes me. Honestly, I like his style and love The Volt.

Maddo mentioned retirement in that report I was watching. Everybody is getting older, so he does. Well, he said that he’ll retire in a big way. He’s already thinking of another crazy stunt and mission. To be honest, I cannot wait what will be the next thing he’ll fly over, or Backflip or jump off.


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