Red Bull X Fighters 2011 locations

During this week had been the locations for 2011 announced throught the Red Bull X Fighters facebook page. There will be 6 events in 6 countries and on 4 continents. Four locations are new and 2 are from the calendar 2010. Each day they announced 2 location. So after three pretty long days we finally know the complete Red Bull X Fighters 2011 calendar and here it goes:

1. UAE (United Arab Emirates) 15th April

2. Brazil 28th May

3.Italy 24th June

4. Spain 15th July

5. Poland 6th August

6. Australia 17th September

Personally I think it’s an amazing calendar. The first location surprised me a little, but on the other hand I’m curious how it will look like. Like it was with Egypt, I have my doubts, but in the end it turned out good. Finally, there’s Australia on the list. I’m happy for the Australians, they were dying to have X Fighters in their country.

To be honest I’m a little bit sad that there will be no Mexican party next year. However, there’s POLAND baby! 🙂

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