The Youngest F1 Champion

It’s almost a month since Sebastian Vettel has become the youngest Formula One Champion in the history. He has taken this relay from Lewis Hamilton. Actually, it is not surprising at all. The number of 20 y.o.drivers is increasing.

This 23 years old German Red Bull driver has won the battle between his team mate Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso (Ferrari). If you have seen the last F1 race on 14th November or if you have read my latest race review blog, you surely know what happened.

I’m sure it was one of the happiest days of Sebastian’s life. Winning a title is always an amazing feeling and after a tight fight it is more treasured.

However, it didn’t depend only on Vettel. For sure, he is an amazing and talented driver, but it takes more than that to win a title.  An enourmous team work stands behind this result. Adrian Newey had built an amazing car and each person in the team helped Mark and Sebastian to have results as they had. It seems to be a good choice now, that Christian Horner didn’t chose a number one driver. Both, Mark and Sebastian, were amazing and doing everything to make their dreams come true. 63398_181079071904031_100000058171984_641445_7965662_n

Mark Webber is racing in Formula 1 serie for a long period of his life now. During his carreer he was always struggling in weaker teams. To be honest, Red Bull was part of them too. Finally, he got the chance to show what he’s got eventhough he is almost 35 y.o. Unluckily, he made some mistakes and his chance has flown away. Actually, I think he can win the title next year easily. If the new Red Bull will be at least as good as was this comparing to others, both of the Red Bull drivers have the chance to grab the next Driver’s and even Constructor’s title.

The celebrations had begun right after the race in Abu Dhabi and continued on several places. The whole world was celebrating Seb. He stopped in Salzburg, in the famous Red Bull Hangar 7, accompanied by Ch. Horner, A. Newey and M. Webber on his route . He also visited München and Milton Keynes. Finally, Sebastian threw a huge party in his hometown Heppenheim. This little town was celebrating its local hero and it litteraly changed into Vettelheim for a day.


To be honest, I would like to know, how Seb feels after a month being the youngest F1 champion. I’m sure it is an amazing feeling and I wish him the best in his future carreer. I’m sure this is only the beginning.

Well, if you are bored during these long winter evenings, grab Mark Webber’s self written book titled Up Front, 2010 – A Season To Remember. As soon as it gets to the stores here, I’ll be the first who will buy it. 9781405040037

photo: google


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