Serious Apology

I am really sorry for the lack of information lately. There are many things happening in F1, WRC even when the season is over. What’s more there are ongoing events in the MX world too. I’ve been busy with my first exams, but I promise you I’ll update my blog with all of the information ASAP.

As you probably know, Bernie Ecclestone was mugged outside of his HQ in London. The 80-year old Formula 1 Boss was punched and kicked to the gournd by the robbers. They stole his and his girlfriends jewellery. Bernie Ecclestone was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for a minor injury to the head. It’s just said that the robbers pick older and weaker victims…

And here’s a very good update on Charles Pages, who suffered a very bad accident a week ago. According to some french sites, his condition is improving. His health condition is in progression. Thank God, he’s getting bettter day by day!

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