FMX Gladiator Games

It has been a month since the last event of the Red Bull X Fighters was in Rome. However, the FMX madness is coming to Prague! The FMX Gladiator Games are taking place in the O2 Arena on this Saturday. Eighteen riders from all over the world are coming to show their bests, have fun and mainly to entertain the crowd. Here is the list: Nate Adams (USA), Jeremy ‘Twitch’ Stenberg (USA), Dany Torres (ESP), Dustin Miller (USA), Reagan Sieg (CAN), Jeff Fehr (CAN), Sean Nielson (USA), Chuck Carothers (USA), Morgan Carlson (SWE), Daice Suzuki (JAP), Marcelo Simoes (POR), Petr Kuchař (CZE), Zdeněk Fusek (CZE), Ondřej Záruba (CZE), Matěj Česak (CZE), Wiley Fullmer (USA), Justin Hoyer (USA) and Keith Sayers (USA).

It’s going to be an icredible night, I’m sure of that. I hope everybody who’s going will enjoy it and have a kickass time! Those who are not going, you can watch the Show on the official site of the FMX Gladiator Games. But if someone of the one who are going wanted to share your experiences with the world, I’d be super happy! 🙂

Charles Pages (FRA) was also on the list, but unfortunately he heavily crashed ad was unconscious after attempting the front flip. According to the news he’s treating in a hospital in Paris. His condition was stable and Charles didn’t suffer any fracture ( I wish you quick recovery man! Stay strong!

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