Rally of the Great Britain

Last Sunday was the day when everything ended. It was the day of the last F1 race of this season and is also was the last day of the WRC event in Great Britain. It was a smooth event. Sebastien Loeb has won this event and claimed his 62th win.

Kimi Räikkönen was doing a pretty good job and finished 8th overall on Sunday. In my opinion, he did amazingly this year. Rallying is different as F1 racing. He has learnt a lot during this season, but I guess, he has to keep on learning. Kimi is not returning to F1 for the next season. He’d like to focus on rallying a bit longer. I hope he will get signed soon. It would really make me sad, if he didn’t.

Ken Block has been doing a very nice job during the whole year. It’s not his fault he had some engineer problems. No doubts he’s a talented driver. Ken finished 21st overall.

I’ve found a very nic picture of these three drivers on the Internet. I’ve got no idea who’s are the credits, but I somehow cannot resist not putting it on. I hope you all forgive me 🙂

It makes me sad that everything has ended now. However, the calendar for 2011 is released. There are 13 events planned for the next season. Honestly, I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

SWEDEN 10th – 13th February 2011

MEXICO 3rd – 6th March 2011

PORTUGAL 24th – 27th March 2011

JORDAN  14th – 16th April 2011 (from Thrusday to Saturday)

ITALY 5th – 8th May 2011

ARGENTINA 26th – 29th May 2011

GREECE 16th – 19th June 2011

FINLAND 28th – 31st July 2011

GERMANY 18th – 21st August 2011

AUSTRALIA 8th – 11th September 2011

FRANCE 29th – 2nd October 2011

SPAIN 20th – 23rd October 2011

GREAT BRITAIN 10th – 13th November 2011

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