F1: Abu Dhabi GP 2010

The most wanted race had arrived and ended already. After the Brazilian GP four drivers had the chance to become the champion of this season. Fernando Alonso was leading the championship. The whole week every F1 freak was writing down the various possibilities of situations which could happen. The Red Bull fans wanted either Sebastian Vettel or Mark Webber to win the championship and the Ferrari fans had their fingers crossed for Fernando Alonso.

The first practice on Friday was interesting. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting any rain in Dubai, but surprisingly it rained a little during the Friday’s first practice. It’s pretty hot there, so the track dried fast. Sebastian Vettel won the practice, but the McLarens and Fernando Alonso seemed to be able to keep up. Lewis Hamilton won the second practice in the afternoon. It was hard to tell who has a bigger chance to win either the race or the championship according to the practices. Sebastian Vettel won the third practice on Saturday morning and his team-mate Mark Webber was right behind him.

Everybody was focused on qualification on Saturday afternoon. It could be critical for some drivers. To be honest, I was focusing only on the drivers of Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren. Actually, I’m sure most of you were interested only in their lap times. However, I know that Vitaly Petrov finally beat Robert Kubica. Well, the third part of the Qs was the most exciting. Mark Webber seemed to be struggling a little bit and in the end he was only fifth, which wasn’t a pleasant result. However, his teammate Sebastian Vettel won the qualification.  Jenson Button was already out of the fight for the title, but he finished 4th but it was a good position to help Lewis Hamilton who finished 2nd.  The championship leader Fernando Alonso finished third. If this was the order after the race, Fernando Alonso would be the champion. But the race was only ahead.

Honestly, this was the most exciting race I’ve seen this season. Maybe, it was caused the fact that the World Championship was still opened. I was wondering it any of the first five drivers would crash or they would look after each other as it was in Brazil. Even though Lewis Hamilton tried to overtake Sebastian Vettel at the start, the young German defended his leading position. But Jenson Button overtook Fernando Alonso, which was the first bad thing that happened to the Spaniard. He still could become the champion. Well, that time each of them could. Michael Schumacher veered while trying to overtake Rubens Barrichello and unluckily Vitantonio Liuzzi ran into him. The Safety Car was deployed because they have to clean the track. Nico Rosberg, Vitaly Petrov and few others decided to make the pit stop now. Few laps after the restart, Mark Webber was complaining that he’s loosing the grip. He has to make an early pit stop.  Right after, the Ferrari team brought Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso in. Mark Webber could have overtaken Fernando Alonso, if Jaime Alguersuari didn’t played a hero on the track.

Few more laps later, Lewis Hamilton made his pit stop too, but he got stuck behind Robert Kubica’s Renault. Sebastian Vettel got easily in front of them. Lewis Hamilton was struggling behind Kubica. He couldn’t overtake that Renault. By the time Fernando Alonso had a similar problem with Vitaly Petrov. He couldn’t overtake him. He tried so hard, but it seemed to be a mission impossible. What’s more, Robert Kubica got in front of Vitaly Petrov after his pit stop. That was the end of Fernando Alonso chance to become the champion. Actually, Mark Webber gave it up much earlier. So, Sebastian Vettel won the race and has become the youngest World Champion ever. It was amazing to see him happy. I think he still can’t believe it. Christian Horner can be proud of his driver. The season wasn’t easy for them. Both of Red Bull drivers had their ups and downs, but the one who can handle the pressure better won the title. At least, that is my opinion. Mark Webber has known it maybe is his last chance to win the title and he’s not good under huge pressure. Well, we could see it in Korea. Still, I feel a little bit sorry for him. He would have deserved it too. However, I don’t understand why Fernando Alonso was angry with Vitaly Petrov. The Russian driver was only defending his positions. This was his last chance to show he’s improving when he wants to stay in F1…

Maybe as Sebastian Vettel can’t believe he is the Champion, I cannot believe the season is over. I already miss it and it’s a long time till March. Anyways,


photo: google, motorsport.com

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